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Goals (long read, but probably worth it)

In an effort to get a hold of everything that's been happening with me lately, I decided to look at the issues/problems/inconveniences less and search for solutions more. I decided to pick apart my life. Like, seriously go over everything that's been going on. I decided to forget everyone and everything and what role they… Continue reading Goals (long read, but probably worth it)

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An Unplanned (but very interesting) Saturday!

On Friday night, I made plans to go for another nice and relaxed adventure around the city; perhaps get some coffee and sit in a park and visit a couple of places. I was feeling very good about having an excellent Friday, about regaining some of the controls over myself and life in general. I… Continue reading An Unplanned (but very interesting) Saturday!

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Finding and Establishing Myself (a work-in-progress)

I went for a long walk yesterday. A very long walk. I was torn between two different directions that offer two different options and experiences. As I stood in front of my building, I tried to make up my mind. To my right: historic Cabbagetown, Riverdale Farm and Riverdale Park West. Turning a bit more… Continue reading Finding and Establishing Myself (a work-in-progress)